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Cone Asks Consumers: “What Do You Want Companies To Stand Up For?”

Today on Cause Talk Radio, Megan and Joe talk to Alison DaSilva, Executive Vice President, Cone Communications, about their latest study, the Cone Communications 2017 CSR Study. This year’s research shows that consumers care about CSR more than ever, with 89% of Americans saying they would switch brands to one associated with a good cause.

In addition, the tumultuous past year has only convinced consumers more that businesses need to be a force for change in society. The question is no longer What do you stand for? but What do you stand up for?

On the show, Megan, Alison, and Joe discuss:

  • The background of the study and why Cone asked respondents to share what issues they wanted companies to stand up for.
  • The universal expectation among consumers that companies balance profit with purpose.
  • What were the hottest issues that consumers want companies to stand up for?
  • The business imperative of being engaged in social good. No longer an option.
  • How consumers – especially Millennials – are researching companies to confirm they are following through on social commitments.
  • Consumer willingness to boycott a product or company is growing as a way to show dissatisfaction with a company’s irresponsibility. 
  • How Starbucks is a model of a company that is taking on challenging issues.
  • Why Cone calls the study the “CSR Study” instead of using other names like “Purpose” or “Social Good.” There are many words and terms that describe our field!

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