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Gifts That Give Back: The Packed With Purpose Story

We all know it takes an extraordinary individual to launch and sustain a purpose-focused business but this episode’s guest, Leeatt Rothschild, takes this to an entirely new level because not only is she a successful social entrepreneur, she launched her business when she was 7 months pregnant with twins.

Packed With Purpose is the company Leeatt founded in 2016 and they source high quality gifts from vendors that in some way, shape or form are making a meaningful community impact right here in the United States.

If you haven’t yet experienced a Packed With Purpose gift box, you should consider ordering one for yourself and then make it your gift of choice for pretty much any occasion.

Leeatt is the perfect blend of marketer and do-gooder and you’re really going to enjoy Megan’s interview with her so sit back and enjoy the episode!

Links & Notes

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  • (10:36) – Sourcing Purposful Purveyors

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