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Is Corporate Responsibility A Sham? (The Joe Show)

In this episode of Cause Talk Radio, Mega is joined by regular Joe Waters of for The Joe Show!

The duo discusses popular posts from 2019 including several interesting research studies on guaranteed minimums and corporate development salaries as well as ‘social impact stats you should know’.

They review Larry Fink’s CEO letter focused on sustainability and Robert Reich’s claim that ‘Corporate Responsibility is a Sham’ and wrap up with some resolutions for corporate development professionals.

And a new bonus idea! Who’s in for a social impact book club? Drop us a line at and let us know if you’re interested in joining in the fun.

It’s always a great episode when Joe drops by, so be sure to listen in for a fun and hopefully somewhat educational conversation!

Links & Notes

  • (01:32) – Oh look! It’s Joe Waters!
  • (04:06) – The Selfish Giving Salary Survey
  • (08:01) – Minimum Donations
  • (11:40) – Sponsor: Audible — Get a free audiobook, yours to keep free!
  • (12:27) – 2020 Trends
  • (14:30) – Robert Reich says corporate social responsibility is a sham
  • (20:05) – Book Club!
  • (22:02) – Corporate partnership resolutions

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