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COVID Pivots That Work For Good (The Joe Show)

It’s been a minute, but Megan is back with Joe Waters of for The Joe Show!

Joe and Megan spend this episode sharing our thoughts about which COVID pivots have struck them as particularly clever or creative from companies that are creating new opportunities because of COVID – like what Major League Baseball is doing with cardboard fans in the stands – to initiatives that are bound and determined to stay the course, even given the pandemic like Dutch Bros’ fundraising effort for MDA.

We also give a little sneak peak into Engage for Good’s Member Meet-Up for September about point of sale fundraising (you have to be an EFG Member to join!) and our new “Learning Club” about the Future of Retail on August 27th, which is free for anyone to join.

Joe says there are only a few types of businesses that are still viable point of sale fundraising partners. Tune in to hear which ones!

Joe and Megan chat about the coin shortage and how companies like Murphy USA and Taco Bell used point of sale fundraising round-up campaigns with their nonprofit partners as a way to address this unique, COVID-caused business challenge.

Joe shared a recent example about how a brewing company teamed up with an ice cream shop to give away thousands of free root beer floats in an attempt to break a world record and raise money for a good cause and Megan shared CARE’s clever CARE package campaign that is reimagining their iconic aid tool.

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