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Charity Checkout Champions: Unveiling The Powerhouses Of Point-of-Sale Fundraising

The 2023 America’s Charity Checkout Champions Report has arrived, unveiling the extraordinary achievements of 77 campaigns that raised $1 million or more through consumer donations at point of sale in 2022. This highly anticipated report showcases their remarkable accomplishments and provides valuable insights into the overall health of the field. Collectively, these campaigns have raised an impressive $6.7 billion over the past three decades, with an astounding $749 million raised in 2022 alone. Join Alli Murphy, host of the Engage for Good podcast, as she shares an overview of the report, highlighting key data, top-performing campaigns, their strategies for success and the best practices gleaned from their accomplishments.

From established giants to emerging newcomers, discover the brands and organizations that have made a big difference through POS fundraising. Gain valuable insights into the best practices employed by these point-of-sale powerhouses and learn how to create effective and engaging campaigns.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • The highlights and key findings of EFG’s 2023 America’s Charity Checkout Champions Report
  • Who the top five POS powerhouses are and how much they raised in 2022
  • Best practices for success including insights into engaging employees, emphasizing local impact and moving beyond the register
  • What contributed to the 24% increase in funds raised between 2020 and 2022
  • The power of specificity in donation asks and the importance of continuous testing, experimentation and innovation
  • The impact of expressing gratitude and celebrating the collective efforts of consumers, associates and beneficiaries

Whether you’re a seasoned POS professional or just starting out, this episode offers valuable insights and inspiration to enhance your organization’s fundraising efforts. Tune in to learn from the Charity Checkout Champions and uncover actionable strategies to make a positive impact on your campaigns.

Remember to check out the full 22-page report at

The Engage for Good podcast is going on summer vacation; we’ll be back on August 8th with season 15!

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