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Navigating ESG, CSR, Advocacy & Your Key Audiences

Are you grappling with the constantly changing ESG and CSR landscape? Seeking ways to engage both employees and consumers? Working on advocacy matters alongside your partners?

In this episode, EFG’s Alli Murphy is joined by’s Chris Noble, who imparts invaluable wisdom on navigating these challenges effectively. The duo talks about how nonprofits can harness corporate collaboration to amplify their mission and forge stronger partnerships through CSR, Advocacy, ESG, and key audiences (consumers & employees).

Think of it this way: Advocacy is about setting policies, ESG is about adhering to those policies, CSR is about the communities in question and the narrative unfurls through engagement with employees and consumers.

CARE partners with trailblazing companies to find victories over poverty and empower women and girls worldwide. With global partnerships that touch 50 million lives annually, CARE collaborates with industry leaders like Anheuser-Busch InBev, Boeing, Cargill, Gap, Hershey, lululemon, Mars, PepsiCo and more to catalyze positive change.

Tune in to explore:

  • The connections and distinctions between ESG, CSR and Advocacy
  • Best practices for crafting impactful corporate social impact campaigns
  • The importance of aligning business structure with effective partnership strategies
  • Key trends Chris sees on the horizon
  • How millennials are diving ethical storytelling
  • Strategies for leading a team in the face of life-and-death challenges
  • How Chris prioritizes personal wellbeing amid demanding responsibilities

This episode is brought to you by CARE

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