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Evolving Corporate Rapid Response With PayPal

PayPal activated a rapid response effort that mobilized hundreds of millions of dollars within the first two months of the war in Ukraine breaking out. 

How did they do it? And how can companies effectively plan for and respond to crises?

In this episode, EFG’s Alli Murphy is joined by Karen Little, PayPal’s Strategic Partnerships & Rapid Response Lead. The duo talks about how the brand has evolved its corporate rapid response and what it was like to create a flexible framework to respond to urgent events while promoting speed, consistency, impact, and equity. 

In today’s episode, we’ll explore:

  • Best practices for effectively planning for, assessing and determining high-quality response strategies
  • PayPal’s flexible framework for rapid response and how putting it into action is an art and a science
  • PayPal’s stakeholders and how they influence response strategies
  • What their Tiger team is, and how leadership is involved
  • How they proactively secure nonprofit partners
  • The assets they leverage for response and examples of possible interventions

If you enjoy this episode, join us at EFG2023, where Karen will lead a breakout session on this topic.

This episode is brought to you by PayPal.

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