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Successful Corporate Partnerships With BGCA & Back2School

Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s Back2School campaign has grown over the years from a PR event with three corporate partners to a multilayered annual fundraising platform with 24 corporate partners in 2022. As a part of the Back-to-School promotion, BGCA’s corporate partners come together to support youth through donations, in-store activations, employee volunteering, transportation solutions, homework help and more.

In today’s episode, EFG’s Alli Murphy is joined by Chad Royal-Pascoe — Senior Vice President, Resource Development – Corporate, Cause and Events, at Boys & Girls Clubs of America to talk about their Back2School initiative and corporate partners.

In today’s episode, we’ll explore:

  • How to center shared values in your partnerships and what questions to ask to spark the conversation
  • How to determine what your partners’ strengths and assets are and leverage them effectively
  • How BGCA’s corporate partners are activating for this year’s campaign
  • Chad’s top tip for successful social impact partnerships
  • The importance of making these campaigns a part of a business instead of an “add-on”
  • How BGCA has scaled this campaign, and its corporate partner program
  • Chad’s biggest challenge and why he thinks it’s something others are facing
  • Why you need to align on what success looks like

This episode is brought to you by Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Links & Notes

Elevate Your Social Impact

  • (00:00) – Welcome to Engage for Good
  • (01:41) – Introducing Chad Royal-Pascoe and BGCA
  • (04:38) – The BGCA Back2School Campaign
  • (06:50) – Partnerships and Shared Values
  • (10:59) – 2022 Partners
  • (12:28) – Leveraging Partner Strengths
  • (14:43) – Scaling Partner Programs
  • (18:14) – How has corporate involvement changed over the years?
  • (21:20) – Local Cause Marketing
  • (23:18) – Challenges in the space

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