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The Film Board Gathers! The gang of thugs is here to take on a movie currently in theaters, and this month, we have Michael Mann’s return to the big screen with “Ferrari.” Join Pete Wright with Tommy Metz III and Justin “JJ” Jaeger as they unpack the high-octane drama that has raced into theaters.

Mann’s return to the big screen after a lengthy hiatus has been much anticipated, with “Ferrari” taking the spotlight. The film, lensed with the sharp eye of Erik Messerschmidt, dives deep into the life of the legendary Enzo Ferrari, whose passion for racing is as much a part of his identity as the iconic vehicles bearing his name. However, it’s not all smooth driving; the hosts discuss the mixed reactions from their broader social circles, hinting at a narrative that may have missed some turns.

They tackle the performances head-on, with one in particular sparking controversy — a character whose Italian accent may have veered off track. The narrative structure of the film is another point of contention, with the hosts questioning whether the story’s stakes were effectively established and if the portrayal of the pivotal Mille Miglia race hit the mark.

Despite the debate, there’s a clear appreciation for the craftsmanship behind “Ferrari.” The cinematography scores high marks from the crew, even if some performances do not. And as always, the conversation isn’t just about the film itself but what it represents, both in the pantheon of racing movies and in Mann’s own storied career.

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