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Silent Night (2023)

The Film Board Gathers! Pete, JJ, and Tommy settle in ‘round the hearth to hear the story of the vengeful electrician and the silent treatment in John Woo’s return to Hollywood: Silent Night.

Ok, right up front, The Film Board normally tries to pick films that are likely to be a bit bigger at the box office. Normally. But we have some ties to this production and, frankly, it’s a film trying some interesting things. 

No dialog? Sure! John Woo’s first Hollywood production in years? You bet! Ok, so those are two things. Maybe it tries for more. Who could be sure? The point is, we didn’t love the movie, but we had a blast talking about it, and we hope you have just as much of a blast listening to it. Even if… especially if… you don’t go see it yourself. 

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