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Da 5 Bloods

Theaters are not quite open yet. The Corona Virus is still a major threat in the world and even though some businesses are reopening, the film industry continues its holding pattern. Because of that, new releases in the “Theater at Home” paradigm are getting all different kinds of creative digital structures. Prices for new releases can range on different platforms, but you can also get some brand new movies coming up with the subscription services too. This past weekend, Netflix released “Da 5 Bloods,” a Spike Lee Joint that quickly jumped to #3 in for selections on the service. The Film Board gathers to back up the main show’s Spike Lee series from earlier this year and heavily spoil this one for you with your access to Netflix being the main determining spoilage factor.

Pete, Steve, Tommy and JJ will zoom in on the novelty and nostalgia and also dig into the melancholy and the message of this story. It’s rooted in history, brotherhood, family, and trauma and there’s so much to talk about here. Stream the movie first or settle in for a right spoiling. Click into this episode as Spike helps us open up and process the wounds of both the past and the present. Recover something more with us on The Film Board!

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