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Pokémon Detective Pikachu

You may or may not have a connection to the world of the pocket monsters affectionately called Pokémon, but this month The Film Board is following its new movie in theaters that seeks to sate the adorable appetites of fans young and old in Pokémon Detective Pikachu. It’s a CGI romp that’s meant to depict the clever characters of the card game in a way that places them photoreal by our side in the real world, much like the Pokémon Go! app has done in an animated digital way, but this brings in the voice talents of Ryan Reynolds to attract us all with a new story. There’s so much to cover and talk about with this one and this show is bursting at the

Pete, Andy, and JJ are our best bets for Pokémon professoring, so they went out and tapped into the Gotta Catch ‘em all craze. Listen to this show to hear how well the movie connects with the Pokémon universe of our understanding and if the film’s quips and quibbles will make sense for Pokémon novices in the world.

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