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There have been some great British music biopics in the last year. They tend to garner some criticism for the way that history is manipulated to make movie drama. Also each one handles the original artists’ music in different ways. This month, Danny Boyle’s “Yesterday” was released in theaters and it shares with us the joy and the experience of The Beatles’ music by imagining a world where they didn’t exist.

That’s one way to ditch the criticism – go full fiction!

This story is meant to be a romance and gives the audience some commentary on the terrible nature of the music industry, the fame it develops, and what it means to be a genius and how to take credit for it. Beyond all those story points, if you love the music of The Beatles, this one might be a must-see. Join Pete, Andy, Steve, and JJ as they discuss all the special existentialism in the musical easter egg hunt that is Yesterday.

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