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The Hunt

What a weird time to be alive, right? It seems appropriate for Blumhouse to release a political powderkeg in the middle of a national state of emergency quarantine that’s been wildly politicized across the spectrum. There’s no better time for us to talk about The Hunt because even though a lot of activities near you have been canceled, most theaters are still open for business. So our Gang of thugs defied the most outlandish parameters of social distancing to start up a conversation on the controversy of this action-comedy satire rooted in conspiracy theory and Internet Hysteria. For those of you playing along at home, this is core evidence that timing is everything!

Listen to this episode to go deep on the highly charged political hijinks. Steve, Tommy, and JJ try to sort out the message behind the mayhem and talk about this film’s journey from creation to release. It would have been an interesting take on things at any time, but it is particularly remarkable today in the midst of an election, a pandemic, and rampant speculation about hidden motives. Let’s talk turkey and spoil it all!

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