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The Invisible Man

Blumhouse has done it again – The prolific production company has already knocked out its second release of the year with this month’s Film Board subject: The Invisible Man. February seems to be a great time for the genre as past Febs have had us profiling Get Out and Happy Death Day 2U. (Both of them Blumhouse beauties as well.) Leigh Whannell brings this one to us and while it might not be as gory as the rest of his filmography, this one is meant to thrill with intense suspense. Elizabeth Moss is the feature here as she manages a maddening set of circumstances that can’t be seen.

You’ll definitely want to click on this episode of the film board. Tommy and JJ welcome Ray Delancey to the show from The Next Reel’s extended cinematic universe. Ray has a special knowledge base for the historic invisible films and we’ll be drawing on him to help us clear the perspective on this newest entry. It’s a fresh new take on an old classic, so get set to be spoiled!

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