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Guns Akimbo

Everything is changing right now and movies are no exception, so we gathered a geographically and socially distanced gang of thugs to talk about a new “Theater at Home” release. We were initially going to talk about “Guns Akimbo” in February, but it got soft pushed back right smack into the middle of the stay at home quarantine. It’s available now from a variety of outlets, so we’re going to spoil it for you on this show and you can decide if it’s worth your stream surfing time at home.

Pete, Steve, Tommy, and JJ zoom around hot microphones to discuss how Black Mirror meets The Running Man with a distorted pinch of Scott Pilgrim in this one. It’s kind of dystopian gun porn – so will you like it? Did we? Listen in with us as we hard boil it down into little bitty bullets of concept, character, dialogue, and execution. There’s some other funny profundities that we’ll uncover along the way and all in all it’s a brave new world for The Film Board as we figure out where to go from here with the rest of the entertainment industry. Have some fun on the run with us and Guns Akimbo!

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