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It’s a Terrible Life

In this fun episode, Nate and Krissy discuss the Season 4 episode of Supernatural called “It’s a Terrible Life” where Sam and Dean find themselves in an alternate corporate reality. It’s a unique “bottle episode” where the Winchesters work normal office jobs.

The highlight of the episode is Dean’s portrayal as a well-respected executive, complete with NPR and golf. We also see Sam’s dreams and Dean’s skepticism about ghosts and hunting. After some coworkers meet grizzly deaths, the brothers investigate the supernatural happenings, taking a trip to the ominous Room 1444, taking on a ghost, and doing research with a familiar group’s videos. They later discover that Zachariah put them in this scenario to teach them a lesson.

Nate and Krissy also provide enjoyable commentary on creative death scenes, the horror elements around Halloween time, and some entertaining plot holes and logistics questions. They also note the outdated use of “walkie-talkie mode” on a cell phone. Additionally, they share their general impressions, favorite moments, and ratings of the episode.

Overall, this is a great bottle episode that plays with the themes of fate and identity in an amusing way. Nate and Krissy look forward to the next drinking episode “Time After Time.”

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