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Time After Time

Let’s do the time warp again with Gank That Drank’s tubular recap of Supernatural’s radical time travel episode “Time After Time.” Our bodacious hosts Nate and Krissy hop in the DeLorean to recap this totally gnarly episode where Dean goes back to 1944. Righteous!

The hosts give us the 411 on this freaky episodio where Sam and Sheriff Jody “McFly” Mills have to help Dean get back from the past. Heavy!

Majorly Important Points:

  • Dean teaming up with the swingin’ Eliot Ness in 1944 is most triumphant!
  • They use some primo time jumping between the years – it’s wild!
  • Jody and Sam’s research sesh in 2012 is a party on, dudes.
  • There’s some seriously funny time travel and pop culture references all over this episode. We dig it.
  • They lay down some themes about fate vs free will – deep stuff, man.

Other Tubular Topics:

  • We get stoked on the bodacious guest stars like Nicholas Lea as Ness.
  • There’s some kooky plot holes but we don’t harsh our mellow.
  • Dean’s snazzy vintage garb makes him look most excellent.
  • Seeing awesome recurring chars like Jody is always a thrillsville choice.

Like, this episode is a wicked fun bottle episode, dudes. Up next is “The Last Holiday” – the first rad Jack drinking ep! Hang loose!

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