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Last Holiday

In this episode, Nate and Krissy enjoy some drinks while recapping the story of Mrs. Butters, a wood nymph who takes care of the bunker. It’s a unique bottle episode where a new character joins Team Free Will for some holiday hijinks in Supernatural Season 15, Episode 14: Last Holiday.

They appreciate the humor and levity that Mrs. Butters brings, including exotic smoothies and decorated bunkers. However, her swift changes in opinion about Jack highlight her unstable nature. The hosts analyze her motivations, backstory reveal, and inconsistencies. They also touch on the episode’s themes of enjoying life while fighting the good fight.

Jensen Ackles as Dean brings great comedic moments to the episode as he fully embraces the festivities. They note the Men of Letters’ poor treatment of Mrs. Butters in the past and question some plot holes in the group’s strategy with her. They also recall other instances of the show’s holiday episodes, discuss their favorite rules, and count their occurrence.

Overall, it’s a delightful one-off story that provides some laughter before the season finale stretch. The hosts also look ahead to the classic season three Christmas episode “A Very Supernatural Christmas.”

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