5 Evidence Based Tips for Working With Students Who Stutter with Sara Ecker

Are you nervous about doing therapy with a child who stutters? Do you wish you had a few more basics to your stuttering arsenal of therapy ideas? Join Sara Ecker as she gives her top 5 strategies and resources for school age students who stutter. In this podcast, she will discuss the importance of speech sound awareness on the speech machine, how to use a speech hierarchy, how to reduce avoidance behaviors, resources for targeting feelings and attitudes and what the stutter says about the speech machine with a prescription for different kinds of stuttering moments.

Sara references The School-Age Child Who Stutters: Working Effectively with Feelings and Attitudes…A Workbook by Kristin Chmela and Nina Reardon in her podcast. She also highly recommends the Stuttering Workshops that are organized by The Stuttering Foundation. Kelly referenced a fantastic workshop she attended that was presented by J. Scott Yaruss