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Help! I Have to Write a Feeding Protocol! with Wendy Gunter

Does assessing dysphagia in the schools scare you a little bit? Does creating a feeding protocol for a student seem overwhelming and impossible? Join Wendy Gunter as she shares the steps you need to take to assess dysphagia for a student and complete a safe feeding protocol. She will discuss the history and ethics of managing dysphagia in the schools, and will give you concrete steps for working with your team and developing a plan.

Wendy references the ASHA Code of Ethics, the ASHA Professional Issues Statement on the Roles and Responsibilities of the SLP in Schools, and the ASHA Pediatric Dysphagia Portal. Be sure to listen to our conversation after the show, too, to hear more of Wendy’s thoughts on the roles and responsibilities of the school SLP when it comes to managing dysphagia. This is one of her favorite topics, so she encourages you to contact her with any questions and concerns you have!

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