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The Loud Quitter

This week, Tom Jones and Terry Cook join Pete Wright to talk about a topic that’s making waves in the corporate world and setting Human Resources departments on their toes: an audacious, unapologetic, and strikingly public phenomenon known as “Loud Quitting.” The trend sees employees actively cause issues and voice their dissatisfaction before leaving a job. This podcast explores the loud quitting phenomenon and its implications for organizations.

With remote and hybrid work models becoming more prevalent, we examine whether loud quitting is exacerbated when teams are dispersed versus working in offices. Employees who loudly quit often perceive unfairness and feel actively disengaged, which quickly damages morale. Behind loud quitting can lie deeper issues related to company culture, inclusivity, and adapting to change.

Managers play a crucial role in mitigating loud quitting. Techniques like stay interviews, soliciting honest feedback, and having more conversations to avoid assumptions can provide insight into problems. However, sometimes an employee truly wants to quit, and recognizing when to let them go avoids being held hostage to one person. Proper manager training is critical.

Legally, managers cannot fire someone solely for complaining. Loud quitting may reveal bullying, harassment, or other issues requiring HR intervention. However, building a case with documentation can be prudent if an employee damages the team.

Ultimately, loud quitting signals areas where organizations need improvement. Addressing perceptions of unfairness, lack of inclusivity, unhappiness with leadership, and difficulties adapting to change can strengthen company culture and retention. With careful listening and measured responses, managers can handle loud quitting in a way that benefits both employees and organizations.

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