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Financial Wellness in Focus: Helping Employees Find Peace of Mind with Fidelity’s Kirsten Hunter Peterson

In this week’s episode of Human Solutions, host Pete Wright explores the pressing issue of financial wellness in the workplace with Kirsten Hunter Peterson from AIM partner Fidelity Investments. “Finances can be really stressful,” she says, “We want you to feel good about your money.”

With inflation on the rise and record levels of household debt, financial challenges weigh heavily on employees’ minds. This stress can take a toll on productivity, focus, happiness, and retention at work. As Kirsten explains, an employee’s financial health impacts not just their personal well-being but also the health of the business.

Across the episode, Pete and Kirsten dive into several facets of the financial wellness puzzle. They discuss the scope of financial stress facing workers today, from everyday costs to long-term goals. We learn why employees look to their employer for help, and how HR teams can partner with experts to provide useful resources without becoming financial gurus themselves.

Kirsten shares encouraging signs that more companies are prioritizing holistic wellness programs for their people. But she cautions that one size does not fit all. The best solutions meet employees where they are, with personalized education delivered how and when they need it.

Listen for Kirsten’s top tips for HR professionals looking to improve financial wellness for their employees; take stock of key challenges facing your particular employee population, partner with reputable providers offering a variety of resources, and drive engagement through content that resonates with your people.

At a time of growing uncertainty, this episode explores tangible ways employers can help their workforce feel empowered, supported, and financially secure.

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