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AI and the Law with Bryn Goodman


This week, we aim to explore the legal implications of AI in human resources. Our guest is employment lawyer Bryn Goodman, partner at Fox Rothschild, and she brings our focus to recent regulations and what HR teams need to know as our industries enter the AI era.

Pete and Bryn dive into the key laws and guidance around AI that HR teams need to follow. The EEOC, FTC, and other federal agencies released a joint statement putting companies on notice about their AI use. States like New York, California, and Illinois have also passed laws regulating the use of automated decision-making tools in hiring and employment.  

Questions we answer in this episode:

  • Who bears responsibility if an AI tool violates employment laws?
  • What disclosures and audits are required for AI hiring tools?
  • How can HR teams use AI responsibly despite limited transparency? 

Key Takeaways:

  • Federal agencies are holding employers responsible for discriminatory outcomes from AI systems.
  • HR teams should demand transparency from AI vendors and scrutinize the systems they use.
  • Notice, consent, and responsible oversight are crucial when adopting AI tools.

This episode provides a look at the emerging legal landscape for AI in HR. Pete and Bryn outline the compliance steps HR teams should take today to integrate AI ethically and minimize risks. Their discussion makes it clear that while AI tools offer opportunities, they require diligent governance within HR.

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