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It's All Your Fault episode 115

High Conflict Emotion Contagion

The challenge of being emotional creatures

Did you know that emotions are contagious? We like to think we are in complete control of our emotions, but lots of research shows that emotions are contagious and it’s how we handle our own emotions once we’re emotionally hooked.

In this episode we’ll break down emotion contagion. If you’re a brain nerd like us, or you simply want to have a better understanding of human behavior and the impact of unmanaged emotions on others, you’ll enjoy this episode. Specifically, we’ll discuss:

  • Can you get emotionally “hooked?” and “unhooked?”
  • How exactly are emotions contagious? How does that work in our brains?
  • Can emotions lead us to make bad decisions?
  • How do High Conflict People deal with emotions?
  • How do High Conflict People communicate differently using their emotions?
  • Are emotions part of why we have such angry polarization today in families and in politics?
  • What can we do to calm down emotions

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Note: We are not diagnosing anyone in our discussions, merely discussing patterns of behavior.

  • (00:00) – Welcome to It’s All Your Fault
  • (01:42) – Emotionally Hooked & Unhooked
  • (05:22) – Getting Hooked
  • (07:16) – Emotional Persuasion
  • (13:13) – In the Brain
  • (21:33) – Emotions Leading to Bad Decisions
  • (24:48) – HCPs Dealing With Emotions
  • (27:57) – Communicating with Emotions
  • (29:23) – Polarization
  • (34:40) – Calming Emotions
  • (36:46) – Reminders & Coming Next Week: HCPs in Love

Hosted by Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq. and Megan Hunter, MBA, It’s All Your Fault! High Conflict People explores the five types of people who can ruin your life—people with high conflict personalities and how they weave themselves into our lives in romance, at work, next door, at school, places of worship, and just about everywhere, causing chaos, exhaustion, and dread for everyone else.