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It's All Your Fault episode 134

High Conflict in Education: Chaos, Attrition, and Fear with Guest Sandra Just

Throughout the pandemic, which we’ve now been in for a little over two years, the fight has been “on” in the education world. Education – especially public education – has always been at the crossroads of many social and cultural changes, from bussing students across town, to benchmark academic standards for school funding, to which books are approved for teaching classes.

Then with Covid, the conflict flame grew even brighter as parents, schools, unions, and more fought over – and continue to fight – over masks, vaccinations, virtual classes, school shutdowns, gender issues, parent rights, Zoom classes, and more. Conflict abounds.

Bill and Megan speak with Sandra Just, MEd, founder of Just Look Within Coaching and Consulting. Sandra is an educator with 30+ years’ experience in public education as a teacher, administrator, and HR director. She discusses the current state of education, given the many issues that everyone involved in the system are faced with, including:

  • How teachers cope and what keeps them going
  • Conflicts with parents over setting reasonable limits in class
  • School bullying and how, or whether, it can be dealt with effectively
  • Managing school board meetings
  • Conflict resolution training for teachers and administrators

Listen in as Bill and Megan talk with Sandra about school. As Sandra says, “We’re great at helping kids, but maybe we’re not so great at helping the adults in education.”

About Sandra Just

Sandra Just is the Founder and Principal of Just Look Within Coaching and Consulting. Sandra spent 31 years as an educator in the Denver Public Schools. During her time in DPS, she served as a teacher, counselor, performance management advisor, school leader, and interim regional assistant superintendent. She is known for developing her staff into leaders, supporting students to meet their goals, and creating a strong school culture. Sandra currently serves as a mentor for students in the para to teacher pipeline at the University of Northern Colorado Center for Urban Education. She also consults with School Works, as needed. Sandra earned her certificate as an Executive Coach in 2021 and is currently working toward Board Certification.

Sandra enjoys spending time with family and friends. She volunteers with the Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association.

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  • (00:00) – Welcome to It’s All Your Fault
  • (00:27) – Sandra Just
  • (03:20) – How Are Teachers Coping?
  • (06:42) – How Are Teachers Responding?
  • (07:38) – Physical Threats
  • (09:28) – Percent of Parents With Issues
  • (13:46) – Connecting to Calm
  • (17:45) – Emotions Are Contagious
  • (18:42) – Bullying
  • (23:00) – Parents’ Role as It Relates to Bullying
  • (26:48) – Dealing With School Board Meetings
  • (31:27) – Conflict Resolution Training
  • (34:10) – Reminders & Coming Next Week: Revealing Someone’s High Conflict

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