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Genius Gentleman Scholar Pete Wright on Mastering Life’s Every Detail with Evernote

Where do you store the stuff that matters in your life? Do you have a special notebook? Do post-it notes litter your desk and computer? Perhaps you use collaboration software for work and then a calendar for home? Google docs? Excel spreadsheets?

Or maybe you’re like me and you use every. single. one. of these things.

It gets a bit cluttered and it’s definitely clunky and none of these items talk to one another.

What if you could store all of these important things in one single place? One online repository you could use for work, and home and everything in between?

Good news. You can.

In today’s episode I chat with Rash Pixel’s Pete Wright about the coolest, most useful technology tool known to woman. It’s Evernote. Get ready to drool and then have some fun playing with Evernote. It’s a free app that you’re going to love (if you don’t already).

Tune in now!

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