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Using personalized music to help you focus with Will Henshall

Whether you work from home, at the office, or from the road, it can be hard focusing on the task at hand. Distractions constantly arise, not to mention habits we just can’t break. All of this can keep us from being as productive as we’d like to be. On this week’s show, Shelly is joined by musician, tech entrepreneur, and inventor Will Henshall. Will is behind focus@will, a tool that can help you find focus and achieve better productivity. Focus@will provides personalized music so you don’t feel the need to take that break every 20 minutes. People who use this music have seen a 200-400% increase in focus time. Shelly and Will talk about how different brains need different types of music, how to find out what type of music works best for your brain, how this can help kids too, and more. It’s a conversation that everyone should tune in to as it helps you figure out your own brain and what you can do to be more productive.

About Will

Will Henshall is a Los Angeles based tech entrepreneur, inventor and music producer. He was the founding member and main writer in the UK pop soul band Londonbeat. Their massive early 90s hit ‘I’ve Been Thinking About You’ reached in the Billboard chart and was the top selling single in all major territories and won him BMI/PRS songwriter of the year. In the mid 90s, he founded San Francisco-based audio tech company Rocket Network. The “DigiDelivery” media transfer system, now part of ProTools 12 Cloud collaboration, is a standard tool used everyday in pro audio production for TV, movies and music. He sold the company to Avid in 2003. His most recent start up is focus@will, a science driven instrumental music streaming service (2m users) that helps people at work and study reduce distractions and be more productive. He holds five patents, and has a new one in the oven!


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