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Shelly Boucher

Shelly Boucher is an actress and production manager, known for Eight Legged Freaks(2002), IMperfect (2016) and Chasing the Sunset (2014).


Seed Spot’s Social Focus with Tristan Gandolfi

So many people have ideas for starting up their own socially focused business but just aren’t sure how. This week, Shelly talks with Tristan Gandolfi from Seed Spot about how they help these budding entrepreneurs germinate their ideas and really help them grow and thrive.

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Using personalized music to help you focus with Will Henshall

Listening to music might help you focus, but what if it’s the wrong type of music for your brain? This week, Shelly talks with Will Henshall, musician, tech entrepreneur, and inventor behind focus@will, a new tool that can help you achieve greater focus for better productivity, particularly when you’re stressed and under pressure.

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Building your Daily Routine as an HSP with Alissa Boyer

Learning to live as a Highly Sensitive Person, or HSP, requires another set of tools and lifehacks to maintain calm and a sense of peace in our crazy world. This week, Shelly talks with Alissa Boyer, a spiritual writer, guide, and certified Reiki practitioner, about HSPs and how they can find strength in their sensitivity to grow and excel in these busy times.

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