Trick Yourself (And Your Family) Into Eating Less This Holiday Season with Dr. Brian Wansink

Did you know that you make 25-30 food-related decisions by the end of breakfast each day? What?!

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Did you know that you make 25–30 food-related decisions by the end of breakfast each day? What?!

It’s not just about the type of cereal you choose for breakfast, it’s how much you serve yourself, whether to add milk, how much milk, whether to finish the first bowl, if you go back for seconds, what you do with the extra milk and on…and on…and on…And that’s just in your kitchen! You do this all. day. long. 

Which, it turns out, is why we end up mindlessly overeating.  We don’t realize we’re making  hundreds of little micro decisions each day.

I’m here to tell you the good news about all of this mindless eating. The same things that make you overeat can help you engineer your environment and your food choices so that you mindlessly eat less. Without going on some crazy diet. Without depriving yourself of the stuff you love. You can eat up to 20% less each day without even realizing it. You just need to implement a few simple, scientifically-proven tools (sounds like an infomercial, right?).

Sound good? I thought so too!

Which is why I’m super excited to share today’s episode with you. Dr. Brian Wansink is Director of the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab and this is the type of stuff he studies each and every day. He’s written an awesome book that you should absolutely read called Slim by Design. It will literally rock your world.

Dr. Wansink can look at your kitchen and predict how much you weigh with a surprising degree of accuracy. Why? Because it turns out that your kitchen and how you have it structured can either make you (and your family) slim by design or heavy by design.

In this episode Dr. Wansink shares tools for tricking yourself into eating less, both in this busy holiday season and at home year round.

I can’t wait to hear your favorite parts of this episode. And get the book. Seriously. It’s that useful.

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