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The #1 Thing Missing From A Busy Mom’s To-Do List with Julie Jeske

If you’re reading these words, my guess is that you’re a loving person. You probably spend an awful lot of time loving the other people in your life, whether that’s a partner, your kiddos or even your pets. But are you taking the time to spread that love to yourself? If you’re like most busy women, you may fall a little short in that department.
In this episode I’m joined by the lovely Julie Jeske, an individual and couples counselor who is going to give us a 20-minute look into why we should think just a little bit more about loving ourselves and how to do that in a way that’s practical and simple to fit into your busy schedule. YOU are the #1 thing that’s missing from your own to-do list.
I love Julie’s down-to-earth approach to all of this. She’s not pushing some agenda that’s hard to achieve, just small mindset shifts and the recommendation that we add ourselves to our to-do lists each day.
Tune in to this fantastic, nourishing episode now by clicking the player bar above or by listening in iTunes or Stitcher.

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