Turn Summer Learning Into an Online Adventure with Brain Chase’s Heather Staker

Raise your hand if you purchase those thick summer learning workbooks for your kids.

Now keep them raised if you’re successful in getting them to complete their allotted assignments all summer long.

If you’re hand is still raised, congratulations, you’re the one super parent on the planet who has accomplished this feat. The rest of you, read and listen on!

I have a confession to make. Part of me really hates summer vacation because it’s a long stretch of 10 weeks when my kids are not in school, not in a routine, are either running from camp to camp or bored out of their minds. As someone that works from a home office, it’s really challenging to manage. Arguing over doing workbooks just adds another dimension of strife to our summer days.

That’s why I was so excited when I heard about a cool summer adventure called Brain Chase to help the kiddos keep their academic skills strong and give them a consistent task to focus on. 

I’m joined today by Brain Chase co-founder Heather Staker. Heather gives us the audio tour of what Brain Chase is all about and why she and her husband Allan felt strongly that this product needed to be invented.