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Fear Public Speaking More Than Death? It’s Time for Toastmasters

How do you feel when you’re called upon to give a presentation in front of a group of people? Nervous? Anxious? Terrified?

If your public speaking skills leave a little to be desired, whether it’s simply increasing your confidence or boosting your communication skills, today’s episode is for you!

Our topic today is one that’s near and dear to my heart and that’s how to overcome the sheer terror that can sometimes accompany the prospect of speaking in front of a group.

After a particularly mortifying experience in which I thought I was going to pass out during a short presentation for my job, I was motivated to find some education on public speaking. And what I found was a local Toastmasters group where I met my guest on this week’s episode. Bryndl Rohan is not only a phenomenal public speaker but she’s also reached the rank within Toastmasters of “Distinguished Toastmaster”, a level to which many aspire to but few achieve.

Bryndl walks us through the ins and outs of a Toastmasters meeting, from what to expect your very first visit to how to find the right club for you.

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