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$5 Dinners Your Family (And Your Wallet) Will Love with Erin Chase

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with cooking and meal planning. I enjoy cooking and feeding my family healthy meals, but it turns out this is something you have to do every. single. day! I get burnt out easily. AND, as you might have noticed, food is EXPENSIVE and it just seems to be getting more so. For me, it’s overwhelming to manage the logistics as well as the finances of all this eating.

My guest today happens to be a master at both meal planning AND shopping on a budget. Her name is Erin Chase and she is SO good at this, that she started what is now a successful blog called Erin is crazy good at pulling together nutritious meals featuring real food and putting them together for you in meal plans you can download.

I downloaded Erin’s 20 meals for $150 from Costco and my family loved, loved, loved the lemon pepper chicken (haven’t made the rest yet!). Do check it out.

So if you’re finding yourself pressed for time, money or both when it comes to meal planning and preparation, this episode is for YOU.

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