Stretching Your Body & Your Mind with Dr Foxy Fit’s Mallory Fox

Shelly chats with Mallory Fox, aka Dr. Foxy Fit, about the importance of stretching both your body and your mind, and how even the busiest person can find time to work on moving their muscles.

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On today’s episode, Shelly talks with Dr. Foxy Fit herself, Mallory Fox! Mallory created Dr. Foxy Fit as a way to help people improve mobility, relieve tension, and reduce stress through mindful movement as a way to improve the quality of their lives. Mallory talks through stretching your mind through meditation and her mindful minute texts. She also discusses the power of stretching your body. And she’s not talking about sitting down for 30 minutes to stretch. It’s using whatever moments you have to move a little bit, like doing a leg stretch while waiting for your coffee to brew. Join Shelly as she learns from Mallory how to keep your body working, both physically and mentally, as you go through life!

About Mallory

Dr. Mallory Fox is a native Phoenician and local business owner of Foxy FIT where she helps busy people make time for self care through mindful movement. A former competitive swimmer, Mallory put herself through grad school working as a personal trainer. She started her business, Foxy Fitness, in 2013 and enjoyed the busy life of an entrepreneur until a car accident in 2018 left her with a traumatic brain injury and vision loss. After a lifetime of hustle and a “no pain no gain” attitude, Mallory found that recovering from her injuries required a total mindset shift: she put her energy into learning how to rest, connect to her body, and use stress to her advantage. Now, Mallory helps other people who have experienced life-changing events use mindful movement to transform their mindsets. She has a FREE mindful minute texting service to help people access one minute of mindfulness a day with a daily text to reduce stress and increase resilience. Text MINDFUL to 480-531-9810 to join!


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