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Legion: A Superhero Show for Non-Believers with Tommy Metz III

What does it mean to be a nerd today? That’s the question explored in the premiere episode of Mandy Kaplan’s new show, "Make Me A Nerd.” To help out, she’s joined by filmmaker and frequent collaborator Tommy Metz III who brings something he nerds all over: Marvel’s Legion on FX.

First, it’s memory time. They reminisce about their own nerdy interests growing up, from Mandy’s childhood crush on Batman’s sidekick Robin, to Metz’s love of horror comics over traditional superhero fare. They examine how properties like The Big Bang Theory and Stranger Things have brought elements of geek culture to the mainstream.

Despite this mainstreaming, Tom’s pronouns are “outsider” when it comes to hugely popular franchises like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. To quantify his nerd factor, Mandy has him take a Buzzfeed quiz on the topic. Questions range from his Harry Potter bona fides to his video gaming prowess. In the end, Metz scores an impressive 86% on the nerd scale, which will be immediately documented in his permanent record.

The conversation then turns to homework: Legion, based on the Marvel character. While normally averse to superhero adaptations, Tom is obsessed with it, which of course makes it the perfect fodder for helping Mandy on her own nerd journey.

Watch Legion on FX/Hulu

Make Me a Nerd is a podcast for full-blown nerds and those who are nerd-curious. Its host, Mandy Kaplan, is a mainstream middle-aged mom who loves all things Football, Taylor Swift, and Housewives. Each week, she will be introduced to some form of nerdery way outside her comfort zone. By who, you ask? (we know it’s whom, that was a “nerd test,” and you passed it) A full-blown sci-fi/D&D/Ren Fair-loving geek guest determined to expand her horizons and recruit her to nerd-dom. You know what they say: “May the forest be with you”!