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Whip It Good: Mandy Takes on Castlevania with JP Karliak

This week, Mandy is joined by voice actor, writer and activist JP Karliak to discuss the animated Netflix series Castlevania.

JP, a self-described “voiceover artist, queer activist, snappy dresser”, has voiced characters like Morph in X-Men 97, Boss Baby, and Green Goblin on Spidey and His Amazing Friends. He also co-founded the organization Nerds Vote to encourage gamers, cosplayers, and pop culture fans to get out and vote, and Queer Vox  to provide training and professional support for LGBTQIA+ voice actors in the entertainment industry while advocating for equitable opportunities and authentic representation in voice performance work. 

JP brought Castlevania as an entry point for Mandy because of its manageable 4-episode first season and gothic horror themes, which he thought might appeal to Mandy’s sensibilities. The series, based on a long-running video game franchise, follows monster hunter Trevor Belmont as he battles Dracula and his demon army.

Will JP’s thorough exploration be enough to make Mandy a convert? Listen in and find out … maybe it’ll be just as enticing for you!

Make Me a Nerd is a podcast for full-blown nerds and those who are nerd-curious. Its host, Mandy Kaplan, is a mainstream middle-aged mom who loves all things Football, Taylor Swift, and Housewives. Each week, she will be introduced to some form of nerdery way outside her comfort zone. By who, you ask? (we know it’s whom, that was a “nerd test,” and you passed it) A full-blown sci-fi/D&D/Ren Fair-loving geek guest determined to expand her horizons and recruit her to nerd-dom. You know what they say: “May the forest be with you”!
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