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Marvel Movie Minute Season Five • Captain America: The First Avenger • Minute 3

CATFA 003: A Snowy Interior?

Minute Three: From Outside the Plane to Inside the Plane

In the third minute of Joe Johnston’s 2011 film Captain America: The First Avenger

This minute is all about SHIELD tech and ship exploration. Where did they get this fantastic laser? Can you really drill with lasers? How long have they been here excavating this plane? And do they have any sense about what they’re entering?
We get the initial exploration of the interior with our SHIELD Lieutenant and SHIELD tech, and we debate about how canted the plane is. Should it be more tilted?
It’s a snowy episode filled with mystery. Tune in!
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Andy Nelson and Pete Wright reach the first team-up movie in the MCU: Marvel’s The Avengers, and they’re taking it apart one blue-beamed minute at a time.