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Marvel Movie Minute Season Five • Captain America: The First Avenger • Minute 28

CATFA 028: And YOU Get a Bottle of Schnapps!

Minute Twenty-Eight: From Strength and Compassion to Wagner and Zola

Joining us again, we have Dr. Arnold T. Blumberg from the Ghouls in the House Podcast!

In the twenty-eighth minute of Joe Johnston’s 2011 film Captain America: The First Avenger

We finally get to the actual reasons Dr. Erskine picked Steve – he’ll understand the strength and compassion. Based on the drills we saw, were those the right things to figure this out? Perhaps it speaks to the nature of Erskine having to work with the military team in their search. Our favorite moment of this minute – and probably this whole week – is the Schnapps scene. It’s so funny how the Tucch handles it. We get a little dose of opera here as Zola walks into the lab too. Does it actually feel like 1943 though?

We really want some Schnapps but Erskine won’t share. Tune in!
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Andy Nelson and Pete Wright reach the first team-up movie in the MCU: Marvel’s The Avengers, and they’re taking it apart one blue-beamed minute at a time.