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Marvel Movie Minute Season Five • Captain America: The First Avenger • Minute 42

CATFA 042: The Kid Is the Grenade

Minute Forty-Two: From Heinz Taking a Shot to The Sub Submerging

Joining us on today’s episode, we have Colin Parker and James Anderson from the Timeline Scavengers podcast.

In the forty-second minute of Joe Johnston’s 2011 film Captain America: The First Avenger

We talk bus passengers, uncredited extras who credit themselves, bullets in Kruger’s Walther P38, how many guns Kruger may in fact have, how many lighters Kruger may in fact have, hostage negotiations, swimming kids, Hydra’s submarine, Batmobiles, Spin Doctors, and more. It’s a jam-packed minute!

We may take every possible tangent in this episode.. Tune in!

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Film Sundries

We could do this all week.

Andy Nelson and Pete Wright pick up the Infinity Saga Phase I mantle with Captain America: The First Avenger one patriotic minute at a time.