The John Hughes Ending

Minute Seventy-Two: From a Bi-Directional Approach to A Rousing Cheer

Joining us today, we have Jonathan and Tabitha Carlisle!

In the seventy-two minute of Joe Johnston’s 2011 film Captain America: The First Avenger

Steve turns himself in but Colonel Phillips says he’s fine. He then comments to Agent Carter about faith. Is this the end of Colonel Phillips’ turn? Is that why this moment feels so much like a John Hughes ending? It’s strange how final everything feels here – even the not-quite-but-close-to-kiss that Peggy and Steve don’t share. They sure want to!

And perhaps that’s why no one pays any attention to all the Hydra tech the troops are bringing in. Who knows? And what’s up with the strangeness coming from Bucky?

This minute certainly leaves us with a lot of questions. Tune in!

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