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Marvel Movie Minute • Hiatus • The Losers

Hiatus • The Losers

What sorts of films was Chris Evans making before he took on the Captain America persona for nearly a decade? Andy and Pete look at one of the films he did right before Cap – _The Losers_ from 2010.

What is Evans bringing to this film and others before becoming Steve Rogers? There’s certainly a snarky attitude he plays with here, which seems to disappear from his performances until _Knives Out_. _The Gray Man_ looks to be going back to that zone. But why did this persona disappear for so long when he does it so well?

We talk about the graphic novel origins and how director Sylvain White came on board. We also look at the rest of the cast and what they’re all bringing to the table.

It’s a fun film, even if it’s largely forgettable. Still, check it out for a fun (albeit violent) time.

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