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Marvel Movie Minute season 4 episode 8 • Thor 008: Is it weird to meet our hero from the back?

Thor 008: Is It Weird to Meet Our Hero From the Back?

Minute Eight: From Rival Brothers to Regal Parents

279A8EEB-4D7D-4436-ABD5-0AD22F1F1E08.jpegWe have our first guest! We’re joined by Ryanne Bennett from the Black Girl Nerds podcast this week, swinging Mjolnir around because she’s clearly worthy. Check her and her shows out at the links below!

In the eighth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • Odin lays out to young Thor and Loki that a good king can’t be war hungry but has to be ready for it. The boys both say they’re ready to lead, and this is where we start questioning Odin’s parenting. He says only one of them can become king, but that they were both born for it. Is he pushing for sibling rivalry? Then again, maybe it’s just his way of hinting to Loki that he’s actually the son of a different king…?
  • Meanwhile, Mjolnir makes its first appearance. We talk a bit about how it was forged and debate when it became something that only someone worthy could pick up and wield.
  • But why is Mjolnir in Odin’s vault? Is he just holding it for Thor until he’s big enough? Is he afraid someone else could wield it and cause Ragnarok?

Now that story time is done, let’s return to the present with Thor waving Mjolnir around.

  • It’s Thor’s coronation. Or is it? Was Odin actually about to crown Thor or was he just making the official announcement that Thor is his heir for when he dies?
  • Before we jump into that, however, we have not one, not two, but THREE deleted scenes to discuss. The first involves Thor and Loki. This would’ve been where we first meet Thor. Does it work better? It’s fun seeing him drinking, throwing his goblet into the fire and shouting “Another!” but those eyebrows are offputting…
  • This also would’ve been where we first meet Loki. It’s a great reveal of him in his magnificently designed (cow) helmet and outfit. We also get a conversation between the brothers that gives us a better sense of their relationship. Andy likes it but Matthew and Ryanne are fine to see it excised.
  • The second deleted scene would’ve been the introduction to the Warriors Three – Volstagg, Fandral and Hogun the Grim – as well as Lady Sif. Considering they get no prominent introduction at the coronation, Andy feels this would’ve helped give us a sense of their importance in the story and Thor’s life.
  • The third deleted scene would’ve been a moment between Thor and his mother Frigga. It’s short but sweet. And Rene Russo looks incredible in the costume.

Meanwhile, back at the coronation where Thor’s waving Mjolnir around…

  • Thor’s a boastful braggart who knows how to work the crowd – and us. Chris Hemsworth is a pure delight in this role and does the himbo oh so well. He tosses Mjolnir in the air and wins everyone over with ease.
  • But what’s with that guy in the crowd who is so excited to see Thor? Was he directed to act that big or is it just him being genuinely excited?
  • We see Lady Sif and Frigga react to Thor’s antics. Again, it would’ve been great to have the context of them from the deleted scenes before seeing this.
  • Lady Sif has more of a story in the myths, including being Thor’s wife. She has some origins in Beowulf as well. Where’s her golden hair?
  • Through all of this, Odin remains completely stone-faced.
  • And we do the IMDb game for Chris Hemsworth and Jaimie Alexander. We forgot Rene Russo but will get to her next time. We promise!

It’s a minute full of content with three deleted scenes, so there’s a lot to cover. Tune in!

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