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Marvel Movie Minute season 4 episode 9 • Thor 009: Can the people in the back hear anything?

Thor 009: Can the People in the Back Hear Anything?

Minute Nine: From Odin’s Look to Odin’s Speech

279A8EEB-4D7D-4436-ABD5-0AD22F1F1E08.jpegWe have our first guest! We’re joined by Ryanne Bennett for Thor’s Coronation from the Black Girl Nerds podcast this week. Check her and her shows out at the links below!

In the ninth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • Odin looks on with a stone face as Thor continues his walk through the Asgardian crowd and the rows of Einherjar Honor Guard. Why does Odin actually look like he may be about to cry?
  • Chris Hemsworth just owns this role. He’s clearly having fun as he works the crowd here.
  • We get an insane perspective shot from the top back of the throne room giving us a sense of this whole space. It’s immense, ornate, and full of people. But are there representatives from all of Yggdrasil here like the script says?
  • And where does that giant door go that’s behind Odin’s enormous throne? Is it his royal chambers?

Is it Thor’s Coronation or the official announcement that he’s Odin’s heir to the throne?

  • Meanwhile, Thor gives a wink to his mother who shakes her head ever so slightly at him. It seems perhaps she gives in to him too often? And is this the straw that broke the camel’s back for Odin, who finally decides to stand up?
  • So this is where we would’ve met the Warriors Three if it wasn’t for the deleted scene in the last minute. These characters were completely created by Kirby and Lee for the comics. They don’t appear in Norse mythology anywhere. Again, it would’ve been nice to know how important these characters are in Thor’s life before this moment.
  • That’s when Odin strikes Gungnir on the floor and its sound echoes through the throne room, silencing everyone. Wow, we all need something like that to quiet a room.

Odin settles the crowd for Thor’s Coronation.

  • So now it’s time for Odin to talk. And this is definitely a more aged Odin. Raising Thor would turn any parents’ hair gray though, amiright?
  • And it’s again incredibly clear how much Branagh loves his dutch angles.
  • Odin starts speaking but doesn’t get to say much. Again, though, he seems like he’s about to cry. Why is that?
  • Finally, we play the IMDb game for Rene Russo, Ray Stevenson, Tadanobu Asano, and Josh Dallas.

It’s Thor’s Coronation – or is it? – in the biggest throne room we’ve ever seen. What’s Odin going to say next? Tune in!

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