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Marvel Movie Minute season 4 episode 10 • Thor 010: Why is Odin about to cry?

Thor 010: Why is Odin About to Cry?

Minute Ten: From One King’s Speech to Two Guards’ Patrol

279A8EEB-4D7D-4436-ABD5-0AD22F1F1E08.jpegWe have our first guest! We’re joined by Ryanne Bennett from the Black Girl Nerds podcast joining us in the throne room to hear Odin’s speech this week. Check her and her shows out at the links below!

In the tenth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • Odin continues his speech and Loki doesn’t look too happy about it. What’s up with that? Should we be reading into that more than we are?
  • Odin seems like he’s about to cry as he calls Thor his first born. Is he just overtaken with emotion or should we think that Kevin Feige was planning so far ahead that he knew the subject of Hela would come up later in the MCU?
  • Odin has a nice little chat about mjolnir. Again, could anyone pick it up now? It doesn’t have Odin’s knot on it.
  • Is there a reason Sif is giving Loki a bit of a dirty look here?
  • Yeesh… those eyebrows…

Meanwhile, in Odin’s vault…

  • Odin has what seems to be a typical royal speech. The cameraman’s so bored he flies outside and down through a vent into the basement. Turns out, their basement is a giant spherical cave. But hark! What’s with the funky architecture? A room hanging from the ceiling? I guess this is Odin’s vault. Total comic book location that defies all logic. But yeah, it looks pretty cool.
  • Inside, two Einherjar guards are on patrol. They pass several iconic Marvel relics – the Tuning Fork and the Tablet of Life and Time. Interesting that a lot of people initially thought the Tuning Fork was the Orb of Agamotto. Little did they know that it does, in fact, say ‘TUNING FORK’ in runes on the wall behind it. Too bad you can only read it in a production still!
  • More dutch angles leading us back to the casket of ancient winters. These shots paired with rather foreboding music could only mean one thing… trouble.

But that’s all we get in this minute! We’ll have to wait until next week to see what’s in store for these guards! For now, enjoy this minute of Odin’s speech and the mysterious vault! Tune in!

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