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Marvel Movie Minute season 4 episode 13 • Thor 013: How much can Thor push before Odin snaps?

Thor 013: How Much Can Thor Push Before Odin Snaps?

Minute Thirteen: From a Broken Truce to a Creeping Brother

Ashley Coffin from the MCU Podcast is joining us this week to talk war with Jotunheim. Check her and her shows out at the links below!

In the thirteenth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • Thor complains about Laufey breaking the truce and he wants war. Odin believes the guilty party – these three frost giants – paid for their actions with their lives. So who’s right? Should they be more concerned about an impending attack by the frost giants? Does diplomacy work using the gentler approach? And will Odin call Laufey on the red phone to chat with him about this?
  • But Anthony Hopkins plays Odin so perfectly here with such calm. It’s only when Thor pushes too far that Odin raises his voice, and it’s one of the best moments in the movie.
  • Meanwhile, Loki just watches. It’s such an interesting portrayal that Tom Hiddleston does here. What’s he thinking? Was he assuming the Destroyer would kill the frost giants? And was this all a big ruse just to get Thor to go to Jotunheim? Regardless, he’s such a fascinating character. Easy to love, and dead sexy.

Thor pouts about not getting to invade Jotunheim.

  • Because he didn’t get what he wanted, Thor has a tantrum by flipping a table. We’re glad they didn’t use the extended scene because it shows how awful Thor is to the wait staff here in Valaskjalf. He really is a spoiled prince. Probably doesn’t tip either.
  • But what’s with all the pumpkins on the tables? And did you notice the golden apples of Idunn?

Loki sneaks in, just like frost giants from Jotunheim sneaking into Odin’s vault.

  • As that’s happening, Loki arrives, but in the extended scene, we see the Warriors Three and Lady Sif get there first. Volstagg’s concerned about the destroyed food from Thor’s tantrum. Sheesh. We debate if the movie would benefit with more of the Warriors Three or less.
  • So when Loki arrives, it’s from behind a pillar. He had to have been watching Thor have his tantrum, and how he’s creeping in to weave his web. It’s pretty brilliant.

Odin kills it in this scene, Loki hasn’t said a word yet which works for his character really well, and Thor just wants war with Jotunheim. So typical. We have a great time covering all of these elements and more. Tune in!

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