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Marvel Movie Minute season 4 episode 14 • Thor 014: Is this all a part of Loki's plan?

Thor 014: Is This All a Part of Loki’s Plan?

Minute Fourteen: From Manipulation to Madness

Ashley Coffin from the MCU Podcast is joining us this week as the Warriors Three and Lady Sif join Thor and Loki. Check her and her shows out at the links below!

In the fourteenth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • Loki sits and listens to Thor. Eventually, he finally speaks. He tells Thor he’s right and that Daddy’s wrong. He’s also concerned the frost giants might be coming through with an army soon. That leads to Thor getting riled up. Now, he is ready to ride to Jotunheim.
  • That’s when Loki tries to make it clear that he didn’t want this, but we really know he did. Damn, he’s good.
  • And how many times has Loki sat through Thor’s tantrums?
  • But is it weird Thor calls his coronation day his ‘day of triumph’? Like it’s some victory to be won?

Forget about all that! It’s the Warriors Three and Lady Sif!

  • So the Warriors Three arrive with Lady Sif. They seem surprised by the upset table, Volstagg in particular. And this is the same entrance we saw in the extended scene last minute.
  • So why does Volstagg have to be played for the jolly fat man jokes? We get it – it’s in the comics. We just don’t like it. Perhaps that’s why they were all thinned out so much. They’re not that great.
  • Because of their arrival, Loki gets conspiratorial with Thor. Sif watches with suspicion.
  • Outside of that, have we mentioned how much we love the production design?
  • Apparently, the Warriors Three and Sif can’t really hear what’s being said. They all just watch like creepers. In fact, it’s not until Loki says “It’s madness” that it piques Volstagg’s curiosity: “What sort of madness?” And that’s when Thor reveals they’re going to Jotunheim.

Wait… Fandral is here? We almost forgot he was one of the Warriors Three.

  • Fandral says it’s serious – it’s not just a fun trip to Earth to hang out with the mortals. But is it weird that he calls it Earth, not Midgard? And that he refers to them as mortals? Or is this just the filmmakers speaking down to their audience?
  • But really, it’s great seeing Fandral and the rest pipe up. Without the deleted and extended scenes, however, this is really the first time we see these three interacting at all with Thor, other than his nod to them at the coronation. How are we meant to know they’re prominent characters? Isn’t it odd that this is essentially how we meet them?
  • The extended scene gives us more of the Warriors Three and Sif trying to convince Thor it’s a bad idea. Again, do we need more of them?

We love Loki and his manipulation, and this is a good minute for it. We have a great time covering all of these elements and more. Tune in!

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