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Marvel Movie Minute season 4 episode 15 • Thor 015: Why does everyone listen to Thor's pitch to invade Jotunheim?

Thor 015: Why Does Everyone Listen to Thor’s Pitch to Invade Jotunheim?

Minute Fifteen: From Team-Building to Bridge-Crossing

Ashley Coffin from the MCU Podcast is joining us this week to invade Jotunheim. Check her and her shows out at the links below!

In the fifteenth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • Thor reminds the Warriors Three and lady Sif what his father Odin went through to defeat Laufey and bring the casket back last time. He says they would just be going for answers. They’re not going to invade Jotunheim. How many times have you heard that before? “I swear, I’m only having one drink.”
  • After Sif says it’s forbidden, Thor chuckles then seems to take a page from Loki’s book as he tries to manipulate them all into agreeing to join. What terrible reasoning though! He’s basically just saying how much fun they had before and that’s enough reason to invade Jotunheim this time. So silly!
  • But what’s forbidden? To disobey Odin? Or to invade Jotunheim?
  • Maybe it’s Thor’s charisma, then, because they all agree to join.
  • Even Loki, in the extended scene, agrees to join the fight. Did Loki expect to be going? Or did he make a quick pivot when Thor asked him to go? He’s pretty crafty so it would make sense.
  • What’s with Volstagg’s strange flourish he does with his seasonings for his Dagwood-style cheese and bread sandwich?

And off they go to invade Jotunheim.

  • The overhead shot of the six riders racing along the streets of Asgard is breathtaking. We love seeing the giant statues hovering over them.
  • So the rainbow bridge isn’t just a rainbow like in the comics. It’s impressive how they designed it to be solid of some sort with light streaks inside that are the colors of the rainbow.
  • How do they get through the gate? How much sneaking is involved with their plan of theirs? It seems like a lot of people know. But obviously Loki’s up to something as we see him whisper to a guard in the extended scene.
  • Hogun sees as well. Why doesn’t he say anything? Maybe it’s that whole thing of assuming Loki’s making an excuse to Odin as to why they’re going somewhere.
  • The extended scene also has some terrible exposition about Heimdall. As if they’d never met him before. Glad that’s gone.
  • Definitely moments of bad wig vs. great hair here!
  • Did you notice the electronic notes rising up and down under Thor’s theme as they cross the bridge? We’re pretty sure Mark Mothersbaugh did as well because these seem to be at the forefront of his score for Thor: Ragnarok.

Everything’s great in this minute as the six head to invade Jotunheim, but that rainbow bridge shot is worth writing home about. We have a great time covering all of these elements and more. Tune in!

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