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Thor 031: Is Jane wondering about Thor's bleached eyebrows? Marvel Movie Minute season 4 episode 31

Thor 031: Is Jane Wondering About Thor’s Bleached Eyebrows?

Minute Thirty-One: From Post-Collision to Hospital Decision

‘Jovial’ Jay Shepard from MCU: Location Scout!We have a great guest joining us to discuss a seemingly drunk Thor and his bleached eyebrows, the runes on the ground, and the Rom-Com nature of Thor’s time on Earth. It’s ‘Jovial’ Jay Shepard from MCU: Location Scout!

In the thirty-first minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • Revisiting the crash may have been compressed, but the time with Thor isn’t. In fact, we get more of it and it’s better lit.
  • And that’s quite the look that Thor and Jane share. Maybe she’s just staring at his eyebrows?
  • We’re ready for the #theeyebrowcut, Feige!
  • But seriously, this look is about 14 seconds of this minute with just the two of them starting into each other’s eyes, not to mention the six seconds before that when Jane’s looking at the unconscious Thor.

Jane’s vehicle is a Pinzgauer. It doesn’t have bleached eyebrows.

  • We dig into Jane’s Pinzgauer a bit. These are great Austrian high-clearance vehicles often used by the military.
  • This is likely a 1971 and has seriously been retrofit by Jane for her scientific use.
  • Why hasn’t this inspired people to modify their own Pinzgauers to take to various ComiCons and the like?

Darcy is just the best. She doesn’t have bleached eyebrows.

  • She’s easily one of our favorite things in this movie.
  • Every line she has here is comic gold.
  • She plays the audience surrogate so perfectly.
  • Whether it’s offering CPR to the ridiculously hot guy passed out on the ground in a rune circle, or throwing her offhand comments at him about how she can tell he’s hammered, Kat Dennings delivers her lines to a T.
  • We love how the screenwriters here and throughout the MCU work to develop these side characters into characters we’d like to see continue. Darcy was such a pleasant surprise in WandaVision and we certainly hope we get more of her.

Now this is a Shakespearean love story. Neither Romeo nor Juliet had bleached eyebrows.

  • The heightened drama we have between these two people is so big and over the top that it’s hard not to go back to comparing it to the Bard.
  • And to a certain extent, it’s a Rom-Com. This is a great meet cute we have here with Jane hitting Thor with her Pinzgauer.
  • Jane even has the stereotypical quirky best friend in Darcy. Well, she’s her intern, but it’s the equivalent.
  • Thor also is in the ‘fish out of water’ story, something else which can very much be part of that Rom-Com.
  • Thor passes out and the connection is lost. Jane wonders where he’s from and then she notices the circle of runes on the ground.

They each have their own motivation. And I bet those bleached eyebrows have their own motivation, though I wouldn’t want to know what it is.

  • Jane’s science-mind goes immediately to the science and studying these runes.
  • Erik has largely seemed confused pretty much since he joined Jane and Darcy. Could that be because he’s having flashbacks to stories from his childhood?
  • Thor likely is dazed because he’s lost his powers and was just hit by a car, likely hurting him more than he’s been hurt before.
  • To that end, what’s the history of people in history being cast out of their own society? Surely, it was a lot more involved. Thor’s banishment happens so suddenly that it’s likely he is still just beginning to process everything.

From the Pinzgauer to Thor’s drunken wandering and mumbling, it’s a great minute to discuss with Jay. Tune in!

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