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Marvel Movie Minute season 4: Thor minute 38 • Thor 038: Thirsty, anyone?

Thor 038: Thirsty, Anyone?

Minute Thirsty-Eight: From Healthy Muscles to a Healing Massage

Jessica Plummer, Book RiotJoining us again is Jessica Plummer, author and contributing editor at Book Riot. We discuss more about thirst, Thor’s attitude, how he speaks to people, and the Asgardian healing room.

In the thirsty-eighth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • The thirst factor is still high as we kick off this minute with Jane still having a hard time not blatantly staring at Thor.
  • Meanwhile, he gets ready to put the shirt on that she loaned him, only to find a Hello, My Name Is… sticker still attached.
  • Turns out, we have another Easter egg buried in the name on that sticker – Donald Blake M.D.
  • Marvel enjoys dropping Easter eggs in their films, which is a different perspective than the DC films use, where they largely avoid dropping them. But why?
  • This shirt, however – does this mean Jane’s had it for a long time but hasn’t washed it? Or was it a recent break-up?
  • Does the fact that this Thor fits perfectly so well imply that Jane has a type and Thor fits it perfectly?
  • There was a point in development where the Donald Blake persona would be in the film and they were talking about Kevin McKidd playing him.
  • Despite his hotness and Jane’s (and our) thirst for him, Thor is rude. He clearly acts like royalty and treats everyone as if they’re servants or commoners.
  • Thor’s comments about needing sustenance come off sounding like he’s having an out of body experience. His mortal form?
  • Could it be that he hasn’t had a golden apple from Asgard in far too long and is actually feeling more mortal than he’s ever felt before?
  • Thor is hungry. Darcy is thirsty. But she and Erik share a look when Thor speaks the way he does. Clearly, they’re tuned in to his crazy jabberings.

We leave the thirst behind to journey to Asgard where we visit the Healing Room.

  • It’s Asgard at night! So they do flip around like a pancake in space!
  • The striking difference between the rural and rundown look of Puente Antiguo and the opulence of Asgard stands out strong with this transition.
  • Bo Welch’s incredible production design gives so much weight to this scene. And did you know that’s an enormous ram’s head over the fire?
  • We lay out what Hogun is actually doing here because it’s never quite clear.
  • Volstagg, Sif, and Fandral discuss why they shouldn’t have let Thor go, but also how Thor saved them.
  • Fandral seems the one we should be thirsty for but are we? Is there any thirst factor for him sitting here with his vest on and no shirt underneath?
  • They know now that a guard told Odin where they were going but there still seems some debate if their journey was a smart idea or not.
  • Loki seems to only be focused on the fact that his hand had turned blue earlier.
  • With all his planning, Loki clearly struggles with this new information.
  • Again, the opulence here – both in the production design and in the costumes – stands out as something to pay attention to.

Meanwhile, in the MCU…

It’s a conversation about hot bodies and the thirst that goes along with them, royal attitudes and how people react to them, and discussions in the healing room. Tune in!

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